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I'm getting a wiki set up at for games with hypnosis/MC content, to try to make them easier to find, and I really love yours. Do you mind if I set up a page for it?

LOVED this game! More please....please, sir?

lmao i'm not a sir but i'm glad you liked it!


this game feels a lot different listening to mega man music, but it was a whole lot of fun

Oh this was incredibly cute and fun 💖


Loved this!

thank you, and thank you so much for checking it out!!

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As a hypnofetishist, I found this very interesting. I wanted to see the ways the game will try to enslave me. 

But I’m a little disappointed.

The first minigame is the only one in which the narrator will respond to disobedience, and the result is just the same as obeying, you just jump straight to the induction. The second and third minigame don’t have any kind of interaction besides keep moving forward. Sure, I can just not move, or let the enemies kill me, but then nothing will happen at all.

Is there any way you can disobey the narrator after the first minigame? Or I have seen all this game has to offer?

I want to make clear that I didn’t dislike the game. I think it’s very good.


Wow. Never game makes me feel like that.


Do you have any plans on adding more to the game?


nope! i do have some spiritual sequels to it waiting on the shelf though


You filled my sub heart with joy. Thanks!!

aaa heck, i'm glad!! thanks so much for checking it out!


This is really good! I want more : (


This is a lovely, well done game. It gave me a sensation of warmth and pleasant shiver. The only thing I can complain about is the feeling I can't get rid of - the feeling that it's either game is incomplete or it is teasing, as I only can play the first three minigames, yet the interface is hinting there are much minigames to play.

Is there anything that happens when you don't obey he narrator?

there's only one way to find out!

Well, I was able to disobey them on the first minigame, But not the other two. Is there something I may be missing?


It's hard to find good games about sex in general, but especially about fetishes, preferences and/or kinks. But you actually managed to produce such a game. <3 That was really a wonderfully exciting experience that really got me hooked for a few minutes. The whole details of the game play add up to an absolutely great concept, congratulations! That's why I praised and recommended your little 'game collection' in an article on our blog and uploaded a little playthrough video. :) Thank you for your fantastic work! (I also appreciated the comment of the 'narrator' when I chose my, um, correct name right from the start in my second try, heh.)

Best wishes,


aaaa thank you so much! the article is wonderful!!!

Pet! :)


excruciatingly compelling. maybe the most futuristic use of the pico-8 platform i've seen. my only complaint is i wanted it to be longer!

I'm terrible at platforming, so that level induced some interesting tension. ;)

Behavior on Firefox was a bit odd, narrative boxes flicked through to quickly to read, and the type-to-search function messed with the action button. Looks like I might have PICO-8 through an old Voxatron purchase, so I'm going to see if I can get it running through that instead.


omg this was


first time I've been in subspace (probably) and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fantastic work :D